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The protection of our environment has been one of our company's goal for more than 12 years. With the dedication to achieve this goal, we actively contribute in creating a safer and better environment. In 2007, we obtained an environment certification in reward of our earth-friendly efforts.

Certification Standard: KES - Environment Management System Standard Step 1
Confirmation Number: KES1-8-0026
Acquisition Range: All activities of selling and manufacturing of this company are under KES's environment policies.
Date of Acquisition: March 1st, 2008

Every year KES proceeds to inspections of companies to check and regulate their standards. Sunrise-Seiko is engaged through this certification to continue its environment friendly actions, reducing the consumption of energy such as electricity or petrol, and reducing the pollution related from industrial wastes and office supplies.

KES is a governmental agency and the Japanese leader in providing environmental standards that revolve around the renowned environmental norm ISO 14001. It translates the implication of companies in an environmental way of thinking. Subjects to those standards are Energy consumption, Environmental Education, Waste Emissions etc.


This environmental policy can be downloaded (.pdf) in its Japanese original version  |  English translation

Basic Principles

Sunrise Seiko recognizes that preservation of the global environment is an essential and common human problem. We aim to reduce every actions that can bring environmental footprints.


Sunrise Seiko Inc. aims to harmonize with the global environment by managing its activities. We are under this policy in all our departments and in all our facilities, from the production to the service. 1. Our company constantly recognizes environmental effects of our activities, products and service. We want to prevent the pollution of the environment and we want to work for continued improvements of the environmental management. It includes the sustainable usage of resources, reduction of footprints and adaptation towards climate change. 2. We follow the law and other required environment rules which apply to our activities, products and service. 3. We work on the following items that are important themes in environmental management policies that affect our activities, products and service. (1) to reduce electric consumption. (2) to cut tools expendables. (3) to raise environment friendly activities. 4. We give all our employees a direct access to this policy contract. In order to achieve the policy, we target, revise and continue our Environmental Management activities. Established: 1st of October 2007 Revised: 15th of September 2015 Sunrise Seiko Inc. Representative Director - Yuji Kodama